2010 In Film

With Oscar Night firmly under our belts, I thought I’d take a look at what moviegoers (which is a stupid term that I’m using cause I’m to lazy to fight the power at the moment) have to look forward to for the rest of the year. Better than last year? As good? Will there be another movie to break the $2 Billion mark? I’m sure the five minutes I spent on Wikipedia will be able to answer most, if not all of those questions sufficiently.

Having already passed some pretty major cinematic milestones of the year, including Shutter Island and Alice In Wonderland, we’re about to enter that lull before the release of summer blockbusters. This means we’re getting The Sex and the City sequel, The Hangover only with a time machine, and a movie about a gay con artist starring Jim Carey. Also, there’s gonna be a movie about how Michael Scott is married to Liz Lemmon, so, color me fanboy.

The color of Fanboy: Depression

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Firefly – HOLY WHAT?!

[Raihan made me watch this the other day on DVD. Credit to him.]

FACTS – Comin’ atcha!

  • Firefly is a TV Show that ran from 2002 to …slightly later in 2002
  • It was created by Joss Whedon, the mastermind behind Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slay– ahh, let’s beyond honest – you know him cause he made Dr Horrible.
  • That’s fucking awesome!
  • It was canceled well before its time.
  • It’s cancellation  marks the first and only instance of a TV network making a mistake in regards to its programming.
  • ^[citation needed]
  • It’s one of the greatest shows you’ve never seen, and deserves to be loved and adored by peoples everywhere.
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Walt, you bastard.

Now this is really depressing. Say all you want about Disney trying to rule the world or corrupting the minds of innocent youths or whatever, but this just makes you lose faith in those old, racist, sexist movies we all know and  love. Watch this if you haven’t already seen it, and try to keep your tears off of the keyboard

Grub Street: Making you feel bad about your childhood since earlier this year.