Ke$ha Let’s Us Know What She’s Really Like (Part 2)

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DIEHL: So, changing the subject slightly, you recently challenged Susan Boyle to a mud-wrestling match. Has she responded?

KE$HA: No. I totally would do it, though. She looks like she would be a good mud-wrestling partner.

Why would you do that? What was the point in challenging an incredibly uninteresting 15-minute star from Scotland to a mud wrestling match? Publicity? Image? Do you fancy her? Is that what you’re getting at here, Ke$ha? It’s just that doing something like that is such a “there hasn’t been a story about me on in three hours, what can I do to get them to talk about me again?” thing to do. I mean, did you think she was actually going to accept? Come on, people must realize that this is all just…contrived eccentricity to appear unique or off-beat. Continue reading


Ke$ha Lets Us Know What She’s Really Like (Part 1)

So singer/songwriter and international clock interpreter Ke$ha gave an interview to the grossly misnamed “interview” website in order to shed some light on who she really is as a person. I took it upon myself, in a completely unbiased fashion, to look into the interview and see if any true revelation came about that can help us understand this recent wave of her music we’ve all been subjected to recently, songs such as “Tik Tok” and “Blah Blah Blah” becoming smash hits across the world. Here is the interview in full, detailing how Ke$ha tells us about herself, along with my comments dealing with what Ke$ha really reveals about who she is.

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11 Songs That I…

…Would Want To Hear Should The Apocalypse Come

Two Suns In The Sunset – Pink Floyd

A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall – Bob Dylan

After The Gold Rush – Neil Young

99 Luftballoons – Nena

What A Wonderful World – Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole

The Man Comes Around – Johnny Cash

High Water (Song For Charley Patton) – Bob Dylan

London Calling – The Clash

The End – The Doors

Symphony No. 5 – Ludwig Von Beethoven

Baby – Justin Bieber (I’m not linking it)

Thoughts? Opinions of your own? I’d love to hear em in the comments below

I’d Rather Be In Africa

I’d rather be in Africa, arms swinging ‘gainst a crescent midnight sun, singing drenched in fearless freedom, Walt Whitman on my tongue, a beautiful woman on my mind, needless of either but excited from both, stripped to bare, bearing no weight beyond the words of my brothers and the actions of the immediate future, skin-kissed softness, espousing the earth and all its families, familiarity with anything willing to do like-wise, fertility fresh between my limbs, lying lengthwise on open-plain hills like lambs with happy, lethargic intentions, then without advance, running, sprinting, galloping, hurdling, charging, flying through the welcome landscape, trying to take a bite out of the backdrop, strands of purity erupting from my marrow, tomorrow never willing to show its face, tonight triumphant everlasting, boundless and infinite, fathomless  to the leaves of grass who watch and wonder as the wind through a pan-flute calms the ocean sky and I, child and lover to my contemporaries of the jungle, finding my place in the world, through all dimensions arriving there …  as a natural.

2010 In Film

With Oscar Night firmly under our belts, I thought I’d take a look at what moviegoers (which is a stupid term that I’m using cause I’m to lazy to fight the power at the moment) have to look forward to for the rest of the year. Better than last year? As good? Will there be another movie to break the $2 Billion mark? I’m sure the five minutes I spent on Wikipedia will be able to answer most, if not all of those questions sufficiently.

Having already passed some pretty major cinematic milestones of the year, including Shutter Island and Alice In Wonderland, we’re about to enter that lull before the release of summer blockbusters. This means we’re getting The Sex and the City sequel, The Hangover only with a time machine, and a movie about a gay con artist starring Jim Carey. Also, there’s gonna be a movie about how Michael Scott is married to Liz Lemmon, so, color me fanboy.

The color of Fanboy: Depression

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My 10 Favorite Mash-Ups of Beatles Songs

1. Get Back Gets Funkier

Artists: The Beatles / The Kinks / LCD Soundsystem

You can kind of see it in the song, can’t you? “Get Back” is pretty simple, easy chord progression, unremarkable feel, just kinda catchy. This is exactly what it needed; some DJ to groove it up a little bit by filling in those missing pieces with extra, fun-sounding instruments and backing vocals from some of The Beatles’ contemporaries. A simple remix for a simple song. Continue reading

What We’re Listening To: Vancouver 2010 – Week 1

[A quick rundown of the acts we saw last week and our thoughts on each. There’s plenty of great music to discover in here, so be sure to give everything a fair shake. Who knows? You may come across your next favourite band.]

Image courtesy of Ryan Rose. Click the image to check out the rest of his amazing work.

The Olympics come but once a year…
No, that’s not right. Let’s start again.

The Olympics, America’s favorite pastime…
Ok, cut. Take three.

The Olympics, cause The Stanley Cup is still months away…

As you’ve probably heard from your TV, the Winter Olympics have been taking place in Vancouver the past week and, depending on where you live, that may very well mean you’ve been rocking your socks off since the opening ceremony. As Vancouverites born and raised (except Raihan, who was born in England, the dirty foreigner) we here at Grub Street have taken it upon ourselves to go to as many free events as we possibly could… you know… for you, the readers, so that if you can’t be in Vancouver for the biggest snow-based athletic event of the… year(?) … you can live it vicariously through our words.

That in mind, here are the best live shows we’ve seen since the Olympics started last week. If you were there too, good on ya, let me know and we’ll be “OMG now ways!” buddies. If you weren’t… then how have you not killed yourself yet? Continue reading